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REVIEW Pterosaurs

REVIEW Pterosaurs 107 ¶ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Pterosaurs ✍ Mark P. Witton – The most authoritative illustrated book on flying reptiles availableFor 150 million years the skies didn't belong to birds they belonged to the pterosaurs These flying reptiles which include the ptero The most authoritative illustrated book on flying reptiles availab[PDF / Epub] Pterosaurs Mark P. Witton The most authoritative illustrated book on flying reptiles availableFor 150 million years the skies didn't belong to birds they belonged to the pterosaurs These flying reptiles which include the ptero The most authoritative illustrated book on flying reptiles availableFor million years the skies didn't belong to birds they belonged to the Pterosaurs These flying reptiles which include the pterodactyls shared the world with the nonavian dinosaurs until their extinction million years ago Some Pterosaurs such as the giant azhdarchids were the largest flying animals of all time w.

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Ur behavior and ecology learn about the skeletal and soft tissue anatomy of Pterosaurs and consider the newest theories about their cryptic origins This one of a kind book covers the discovery history paleobiogeography anatomy and behaviors of than species of pterosaur and also discusses their demise at the end of the MesozoicThe most comprehensive book on Pterosaurs ever publishedFeatures some illustrations including original paintings by the authorCovers every known species and major group of PterosaursDescribes pterosaur anatomy ecology behaviors diversity and Encourages further study with references to primary pterosaur literature Natural History..

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PterosaursIth wingspans exceeding thirty feet and standing heights comparable to modern giraffes This richly illustrated book takes an unprecedented look at these astonishing creatures presenting the latest findings on their anatomy ecology and extinction Pterosaurs features some stunning illustrations including original paintings by Mark Witton and photos of rarely seen fossils After decades of mystery paleontologists have finally begun to understand how Pterosaurs are related to other reptiles how they functioned as living animals and despite dwarfing all other flying animals how they managed to become airborne Here you can explore the fossil evidence of pterosa.

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  • Wastrel

    REVIEW Pterosaurs 107 PterosaursNo I'm not a pterosaurologist Not even a palaeontology fan Haven't read a book about dinosaurs not that we're meant to use that word for pterosaurs but you know what I mean for probably 15 years or Picked this one up on a whim on realising how little I knew about the bizarre subject and seeing all the great reviews for this bookSupposedly this is both an up to date general overview of what people know about pterosaurs from a researcher at the cutting edge of the very small field and an introductory book with pretty illustrations that a layman can understand I can't really speak for the first but it's certainly almost entirely the secon

  • Douglas Summers-Stay

    REVIEW Pterosaurs 107 PterosaursI've been reading a lot about pterosaurs lately This is the most technical of the books he uses words like dorsoventrally a lotMark Witton's most famous illustration is the one where a ueztlcoatlus is standing uadrupedally next to a giraffe Their necks are of similar lengths and the tops of their heads are in roughly the same place Of course the pterosaur's beak reaches than halfway to the ground The book is filled with his lifelike illustrations which really adds a lot to the mostly dry textA few things I learned from the book pterosaurs were uite good at running but mov

  • Jake Leech

    REVIEW Pterosaurs 107 PterosaursThis is easily a five star book with the caveat that you have to have some interest in pterosaurs One of the reviews of this book described it as being part coffee table book part textbook As a coffee table book it excels Witton's illustrations are gorgeous and amazing image search uetzalcoatlus witton for some pretty astonishing examples but the scientific content is very high I'm no pterosaurologist so I can't assess whether this would be a graduate level review or something that old bearded professors would refer to but it was plenty for me Over half of the book is devoted to reviews of 16 different pterosaur groups; their paleontological history anatomy possible ecology and refreshingly frank discussions of the current state of their taxonomy This is obviously pretty tedious and not something you'd want to read straight through although a chapter a day is pretty interesting Two chapters cover anatomy in some depth For example in

  • Bill Leach

    REVIEW Pterosaurs 107 PterosaursAmazing book with great illustrations Comparative anatomy and flight modeling have revealed much about the pterosaurs Much information on soft tissues of pterosaurs has become available in recent years from the examination of fossils under UV lightBest guess is that pterosaurs were a parallel development with dinosaurs but no proto fossils have yet been foundMany species of Pterosaur have pneumatized bones were they have become larger in size but with thinner walls These types of bones are also found in birds and sauropod dinosaursIt appears that pterosaurs had internal air sacs and had a respiratory system like that of birds where air passes over the lungs in one direction only This design yields high efficiency needed for flightAs the flight mu

  • Last Ranger

    REVIEW Pterosaurs 107 PterosaursGargoyles and HarpiesThere once was a time that dragons flew through the air Not the dragons of myth and legend but real flying reptiles that prospered and diversified during the Age of Dinosaurs They didn't breathe fire but they were magnificent marvelous creatures non the less In Pterosaurs AuthorPaleontologi

  • Sullyaugustine

    REVIEW Pterosaurs 107 Pterosaurs3 stars out of 5 Being a very long time dinosaur nerd I got this book from the library figuring it would be interesting to explore and it might answer a uestion that has bedeviled me occasionally for a long time It

  • Jonathan

    REVIEW Pterosaurs 107 PterosaursThat such a detailed scientifically solid book according to all the paleontology blogs I read anyway is so readable to someone who is not a specialist is delightful That it's full of great art largely Witton's is just gravy Thanks Mark Witton I still don'

  • Steven Heywood

    REVIEW Pterosaurs 107 PterosaursA very accessible and readable overview of this group of prehistoric reptilesLet down a bit by the production of some of the charts if you're told to look for a blue line for instance it helps if the line is actually coloured blue There are a couple particularly the aspect ratiowing loading chart which the author could have done with reworking from scratch to make it useful for the lay reader

  • Ann Keller

    REVIEW Pterosaurs 107 PterosaursOutstanding book What a wonderful resource

  • Daniel Morgan

    REVIEW Pterosaurs 107 PterosaursDespite being a 260 page book about pterosaur evolution taxonomy and paleoecology this book is actually a great and dare I say fun read The author writes in a lively style that engages the reader at every page; in addition he has humor and wit A few things I really like about this book1 Pictures There are artist illustrations photos of fossils phylogenetic trees anatomical diagrams size comparisons biomechanical models timelines every page is bursting with images that literally illustrate what the author is writing2 Balance There is a clear order each clade gets a chapter that is neatly broken into an intro anatomy locomotion and paleoecology The book is overall balanced in that the author goes into just enough detail to engage the reader without bogging you do with endless minutiae about every metacarpal from Cretaceous Brazil 3 References If you do want to read endless minutiae about every metacarpal from Cretaceous Brazil the ci