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FREE READ ↠ The Wars of the Roses ´ [BOOKS] ⚡ The Wars of the Roses By J.R. Lander – The dynastic struggles of the Wars of the Roses 1455 85 have traditionally been portrayed as belonging to one of the most dramatic periods in the history of England an age of murder and melodrama In t of the PDF/EPUB ¶

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Y was disorderly and violent Lander suggests that this state of affairs was due far less to civil war than to habits of violence among all classes of society Fluently and clearly written The Wars of the Roses is the perfect overview of one of the most famous of medieval conflicts Shedding light as it does on fifteenth century history as a whole the roots of the Tudor dynasty and the background to Shakespeare's history plays this book deserves a place on the bookshelf of anyone interested in this most turbulent period..

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The Wars of the RosesNd an age of murder and melodrama In this classic history of the wars charting their origins progress conclusions and effects Wars of the PDF/EPUB Professor Lander sets the record straight By putting the wars into their contemporary context using the written records of the time many of which are reproduced in the text and the results of modern research and scholarship the true picture emerges The wars were in fact very limited While not denying that contemporary English societ.

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  • Jan-Maat

    FREE READ ↠ The Wars of the Roses The Wars of the RosesReader beware This is not a history of the Wars of the Roses Instead it is a selection of source material arranged in chronological order linked by introductions and short bridging pieces We get a description of Henry VI's character from a biography of him written by one of his clergymen He was like a second Job a man simple and upright altogether fearing the Lord God and departing from evil He was a simple man without any crook of craft or untruth as is plain to all With none did he deal craftily nor ever would say an untrue word to any but framed his speech always to speak truth p25 view spoiler some might say too simple for ruling over a kingdom awash with demobbed soldiers and military contractors owed money and sore from defeat in France hide spoiler

  • Éowyn

    FREE READ ↠ The Wars of the Roses The Wars of the RosesI think the title of the book is rather misleading it's not really about the Wars of the Roses per se The blurb on the inside of the dust jacket tells me it's a book looking at the impact

  • Helene Harrison

    FREE READ ↠ The Wars of the Roses The Wars of the RosesReview This book uotes a lot of primary sources from chroniclers like Croyland Vergil and Thomas More However it fails to really analyse what it's uoting it uses them to tell the story This means that you end up with a narrative that is disjointed as different chroniclers have different opinions and it sometimes feels very difficult to read and understand the narrative without the analysis of the sources uoted Nevertheless a very useful text for historiansGeneral Subjects History Plantagenets Wars of the Roses Henry VI Edward IV Edward V Richard III Henry VIIRecommend – YesRating 1520

  • Kara

    FREE READ ↠ The Wars of the Roses The Wars of the RosesIf you are looking for a book of primary source accounts of the War of the Roses then look no furtherIf however you are looking for some analysis about the sources then well look furtherExcellent collection of current or near current accounts of late 15th century England but severe

  • Jimmacc

    FREE READ ↠ The Wars of the Roses The Wars of the RosesSeveral other reviews give excellent intro to this book Less a story than a reference source