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review Ü The Duchess ì ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Duchess Author Jude Deveraux – paperback editions sharing this same ISBN can be found here and hereClaire Willoughby risked losing her millions in her inheritance if as decreed by her grandfather she did not wed an acceptable man H paperback editions sharing this same ISBN canPDF / Epub The Duchess Author Jude Deveraux paperback editions sharing this same ISBN can be found here and hereClaire Willoughby risked losing her millions in her inheritance if as decreed by her grandfather she did not wed an acceptable man H paperback editions sharing this same ISBN can be found here and hereClaire Willoughby.

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Risked losing her millions in her inheritance if as decreed by her grandfather she did not wed an acceptable man Harry Montgomery the eleventh Duke of MacArran seemed perfect He owned a historical castle he looked manly in a kilt and he was as much a titled Scotsman as Bonnie Prince Charlie himselfTheir engagement announced Claire's future as a duchess was assured and she set o.

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The DuchessFf with her family to meet the Montgomery clan in Scotland Bramley Castle was a damp chill place overflowing with eccentric relatives But there was also Trevelyan a secretive brooding man who lived in Bramley's ancient halls Whoever he was he wasn't at all like Harry Trevelyan was the most exasperating arrogant know it all of a man Claire had ever met And the most fascinating.

review Ü The Duchess Jude Gilliam was born September in Fairdale Kentucky She has a large extended family and is the elder sister of four brothers She attended Murray State University and received a degree in Art In Jude married and took her husband's surname of White but four years later they divorced For years she worked as th grade teacherShe began writing in and published her first bo.

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  • Zeek

    review Ü The Duchess The DuchessThe Duchess is one of my favorite of Jude D’s old books In it we have a uniue hero and a heroine that at once touches your heart and makes you laugh at her frankness Claire Willoughby is in love with a Scottish Duke no less And good thing because her mother desperately wants her to marry a Duke Considering she’s a wealthy American Heiress and he's house and title rich but money poor she’s about to catch him tooBut she’s an

  • Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you)

    review Ü The Duchess The DuchessUgh This is one of the worst books I've ever read Ridiculous drivel that made no sense I mean the guy gets shot and then acts like nothing is wrong Also on top of getting shot he has MALARIA okay MALARIA and he is fine not uncomfortable or anything Also the heroine spends 90% of the book thinking she's in love with the wrong man and telling the right man how awful he is and how much she hates him and wants him dead Pleasant Claire is THE most stupid character I think I've ever had the misfortune to read about This whole thing was absurd Someone telling Claire that Harry would DIE for Trevelyan Um are you kidding He found out his brother wasn't really dead after years of th

  • Jojo

    review Ü The Duchess The DuchessSo this book is on the list of romance novels that I unashamedly love And it's Jude Deveraux Very bizarreAnyway I reread it every now and again and always enjoy it immensely At least most of it It gets a bit problematic For the majority of the novel I am happy to be charmed by Claire who is delightful and intelligent and Trevelyan who is bitter and lovely and interesting And then near the end Claire who has been open minded about so many things gets all weird about religion and totally freaks out when confronted with the reality of the practices of another culture It's really a shame; it's hard to like her when she shows herself to be so close minded and tries to force her beliefs on everyone else Besides being pretty offensive behavior it seems out of character for who she has been up to that point And I don't feel like it's ever entirely resolved so I still have a bit of a problem with her at the end although one can hope she will m

  • Pamela(AllHoney)

    review Ü The Duchess The DuchessNumber two in the Montgomery series by Jude Deveraux Claire Willoughby needs to marry an acceptable man if she wants to keep her inheritance She gets engaged to Harry the Duke of MacArran and travels to Scotland to meet his family Once there she meets TrevelyanI thought I had read this one but I didn't remember it so I guess I missed it It wasn't her best but I did enjoy it No really big surprises except for one thing sorry I don't do spoilers I liked both the Hh characters but they made me want to slap them several times But hey that's the way of ro

  • Bella Andre

    review Ü The Duchess The DuchessI had planned to stick to one spot per favorite author on my Top 10 list but there's no way I could possibly choose between A Knight in Shining Armor and The Duchess Funny moody and sexy The Duchess is unlike any romance I've read before or since There are secret passageways in a historic castle an extremely intelligent heroine a rather strange but incredibly alluring hero and a little sister nicknamed Brat who likes to play dress up in jewels and price

  • Rachel C.

    review Ü The Duchess The DuchessFor my friends that have been curious about the romance beach trash that I so revel in reading I'm listing a few books you might want to start with if you're interested in dipping a toe into the genreSet mostly in a draughty Scottish castle in the 1880s The Duchess is the story of an American heiress who sails across the Atlantic to marry an impoverished duke His family is strange to say the least and she and her family find much with which to amuse themselves in the nooks and crannies of the castle As all romance novels must The Duchess ends with a happily ever after though slightly unorthodox than you might think and shows how falling in love makes you a better person and the world a better placeA Knight in Shining Armor not half as saccharine as you'd imagine from the title I promise is another good one from the author

  • Tracy Banghart

    review Ü The Duchess The DuchessA favorite comfort read

  • Dawn ♥ romance

    review Ü The Duchess The DuchessPerhaps I would have enjoyed this historical romance 25 years ago but today the heroine was ridiculous Her 14 year old sister the only character I liked had a good line when she said You’re much too smart in a stupid sort of way American Claire will get her inheritance if she marries the Duke who seems nice so she falls in love with him

  • Brunette Librarian

    review Ü The Duchess The DuchessFor the rest of the review check out The Brunette Librarian Blog This book is one of my favorites for a multitude of reasons The romance is overwhelming you hate you love you hate and then are smiling by the end Trevelayn is hard to understand hard to truly know yet at the end of the book you know his heart Claire is so open so giving and the journey they take together is simply wonderful My favorite point in the bookperhaps any romance really is the moment Trevelayn realizes he is in love with Claire It’s gorgeous and simply beautifully written “You love her” Nyssa whispered and there was wonder in her voice She had tried to make Captain

  • Chitra *CJ*

    review Ü The Duchess The DuchessA beautiful way to end my 2016I really enjoyed this roller coaster of a book between Claire and Trevelyan VellieClaire wants to be a duchess to please her family She finds herself engaged to Harry and in his keep she meets the grumpy mysterious Vellie Their sweet love story is the bookThe first half of the book is merely the placement of characters The h and H do meet but the real story begins in the last half of the bookI really liked their intellectual discussions how both of them shared a zest for life dro